Super Slim Pomegranate 2 Boxes

Super Slim Pomegranate 2 Boxes
Super Slim Pomegranate 2 Boxes

Price:   $34.90

100% Natural Slimming Products For You!
Unique Formula with Pure Ingredients!
Work Continuously To Burn Fat and Remove Toxin!
High Quality, Wholesale Price, Free Shipping!
Once you are overweight, only when the calorie intake is much less than the calorie consumed, you can reduce weight quickly, to achieve this, you can take Super Slim Pomegranate, tested on several subjects and obtained positive results, Super Slim Pomegranate is welcomed by tens of thousand of slimmer now, it speeds up metabolism and fat burning, helping users lose weight fast.

By suppressing appetite and improving metabolism, Super Slim Pomegranate can control the calorie intake and increase the calorie consumption, the fat stored up as fatty mass in buttocks, thighs and belly etc will be decomposed to provide energy for daily life, thus users will gradually slim down. Having been existing in the market for years, Super Slim Pomegranate is one of the most popular slimming products now

Main Ingredient:
Pomegranate, Koncing Nut, Apple, Kiwi, Glucomannan (extract of Amorphallus Konjac and Jerusalem Artichoke), Sweet Potato Cellulose, and HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA, extract of Garcinia Cmabogia)

Specification: 350mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Dosage&Usage: 1 time/day, 1 capsule/time (before breakfast with 350~500cc water), 3 box continuously, then stop gradually in 1-2months after reaching the proper weight, take 1 capsule each 2 or 3 days to keep the effect constant.
Precaution: Not suitable for the morbidly obese, children, pregnant, diabetics, and people with heart conditions and taking other medicines
Executive producer: Guangzhou YongFang Heath Care Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

by Marsha Martin
The weight loss effect is good, 1 month down 5.5kgs, the problem is i have dry lips and tongue no matter how much water i drink...

by Shirley Wright
It works good, i myself using super slim and my weight before is 170 and now its stunning 140

by Jacqueline Flowers
They do work for me, i went down from 157 to 138lbs, i am very happy!!!

by Elisa Perry
Excellent product, it helped me go from 178 to 140!!! Thanks a bunch! Good product n good seller

by Pearl Perez
I have been taking super slim pomegranate for 3 weeks and lost 11lbs, i was too busy to exercise so i own it all to the pills :)

by Anna Hanson
I’ve lost 20 pounds using super slim pills, amazing product and i strongly recommend it, two of my friends also ordered them and are waiting for the goods, cheers!

by Valerie Mckenzie
It was the second week I take it and i did get difference in my appetite, so far so good

by Mable Kelley
Thanks for your wonderful product super slim, it works for me and i have lost 2 stons, this is really amazing results

by Myra Wong
the super slim pomegranate suppresses my appetite and i feel ok even i only take a bit food, except taking the pills, i also control the calorie intake strictly everyday so my weight drops quickly, i started @ 178 and now i am @160 in one and half month, love it!

by Peggy Foster
I have taken them for two weeks and now i have lost 10 lbs with work out 3 times a week, it makes me constipated in the first week but now no, very good

by Kelley Norton
i have dropped from a size 20 to 8! They are some great! I strongly recommend it all of you, I have drank plenty of water to make sure i won’t have any side effects :)

by Terry Williams
I am extremely happy with these super slim pills as i have lost weight, 10lbs in a month, i am very satisfied, the pills helps me far away from dessert

by Linda Sutton
These superslim pills work for me! I went from 172lbs to 158 in 2 months, no too much but i am so excited i am losing weight without hard exercises

by Juanita Mcdonald
I take the pills after my breakfast rather than before and i feel much better all the day with less appetite and full energy

by Judy White
The pills work as they should do, i love it, appetite is cut and i have lost 8kgs so far, i recommend it

by Edith Roberts
I was skeptical about buying online due to fake pills but a friend sent me this website, she got from here and it worked for her, i am on the pills for a month so far and i am glad to say it is real as i’ve lost 7kgs

by Casey Williams
Super slim is amazing, all my family and friends have all lost about 10-15 pounds in a month, it works like it claimed, thanks for your high quality product, it is really appreciated

by Shelia Lucas
It is really greatly appreciated that the product is real and works for me

by Lucille Henderson
Have taken it for about 20 days and I have lost 6lbs, great effect for me

by Kara Nichols
Yeah, the product is great! I have lost 14lbs with it so far and I can wear smaller size! 5* for your wonderful product!

by Campos Justin
I really appreciate your real and good product, it enables me lose weight without killing myself with exercise or starving myself, I feel so different, much more light and confident, I love it and definitely will recommend super slim pills to all lol

by Mitchell Jodi
Super slim pomegranate is awesome, I’ve lost 8kg in one and half month! I only exercise every now and then so I think they really help a lot!

by Moore Amanda
I’ve only been taking the pills less than a week so far but I do feel difference, my cravings have almost gone, I do have dry mouth and always want to drink water

by Mantis George
i’ve been using superslim pills for 3 wks and I like their effect, my appetite is greatly suppressed and I lost about 6 lbs

by Bennett Theodore
I have been taking super slim diet pills for a month and lost 12 oiybds, I love this product

by Amos Matthew
I stated on last Moandy and I am also doing a strict diet and exercise, it controls my appetite and so far I have lost 6lbs, I really like it

by Gorsage Jody
Super Slim is great, I am 120 from 134 in a month, love it!

by Villa Joel
My sister has been struggling to be slim for a long time, I heard a lot good about super slim so bought it for her, she is losing weight now with the help of this product, she loves it lol, she looks better now so I just wanna to say thank you.

by Rivera Jason
I went from 139 to 112 in 2 months, so happy, my boyfriends says that he can’t pinch my fat like he used to do lol

by Rodriguez Sarah
Awesome product and I really appreciate its wonderful work, I have lost 21lbs on them in a matter of 2 months! My friends, I strongly recommend it to you but be attention to not take alcohol, coffee etc along with them, wish you good luck :D

by Lapa David
they are working, I don’t have to starve myself to lose weight, besides, I also work out 3 days a week to speed up the effect, the result is very grateful and I lost 10kgs in a matter of one and 1/2 month, have another 10kgs to go but super slim gives me much motivation

by Heart Alexandra
My friend purchased this and lost 8kgs in one and half month with no side effect! So wonderful so I also ordered it, I have been taking them for a week, so far so good, the appetite is greatly changed

by Palacios Luisana
I’m now at 134 from 155 with one and half month supply! I have no side effect except the dry mouth, these pills are very strong on curbing the hunger, strongly recommend it!

by Dorsey April
My friend really lost weight with these so I started to use it too, she shared me some to test and they seem to work for me as I wasn’t always hungry like before, so I ordered mine and so far I have used then half a month, totally about 25 days and my weight dropped to 127 from 136, it is wonderful

by Ross April
My cousin has lost her extra pounds successfully with super slim pills so I decided to try it, I started with 164lbs and now I am 148lbs, the result is so beautiful, I am excited every day to feel my weight is dropping and full of energy to do exercise to speed up the effect lol

by Pierce Shane
I received my pills today, thank you! I can’t wait to reduce my weight, some of my friends have had very good experience so I hope I can also got good results with this stuff, fingers crossed

by Gorter Keerthi
I hate eating when I’m not hungry but I can’t control, these pills take my appetite away, very effective

by Rosemarie Hodges
FANTASTIC super slim pomegranate! I’ve lost 17lbs in a month! I feel great and my stomach is very small now! I still have 30lbs to go, I will insist :)

by Thelma Carpenter
Thanks for your good services, I’ve been on superslim for a week and I drink tons of water everyday so not to get side effect, I can take much less and won’t have hunger now so I think I should be able to get success :)

by Kelly Silva
SUPER SLIM IS AWESOME! I go from a size 20 to a larger junior size! So wonderful, weight loss is never so easy to me!

by Tammy Briggs
I’m using super slim pomegranate for a couple of weeks, I am amazed! , I started @ 165 and now I’m @159 LOL

by Shari Fleming
Just received them in good condition, a friend has got wonderful results with super slim, lost nearly 30 pounds! I actually only have to lose about 20 pounds, wish me good luck

by Jodi Sullivan
they let me drop weight! I’ve lost 16 pounds in a month! So amazing! I never thought that I can lose in such a rapid way, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

by Alexis Dixon
super slim are wonderful! curb my crazy cravings much, though I didn’t get weight lost so far, I believe I will more or less lose some once my appetite can be controlled, will keep you updated a month later

by tracy Enumah
I've been taking it now for about 3 weeks off/on, and I've lost 8lbs. I have not experienced any bad aftertaste or side effects.

by Will Vang
I have received compliments about my weight loss since I started using these super slim . I tried some other pills from GNC. However, the results were not the good. I was shocked how fast it worked. Give it a try, you will be amazed.

by john Sinclair
After taking the SUPERSLIM for a month, I notice that it has stimulated my metabolism, which help in losing all over body fat, with my regular workouts, combined with a healthy diet, i have noticed a much more toner look than i previously had.

by Diana Salvaty
It curves my appetite , and it is noticeable that I am losing weight. Was skeptical but even simply eating right and exercising I have lost weight but most importantly inches! I did see reduce in belly fat before I started working out. love the product

by Jenny Gasca
Help in a bottle!!! I take one before lunch and one before dinner I go to the gym and eat healthy and I've tried tons of things, I have dropped two sizes in my slacks and my grandchildren no longer wonder if I am going to have a baby!

by Tammy POORAN
We friends always get together and talk about dieting and exercise tips, I have taken diet pills. its my second time to take diet pills. I do exercise and take a diet too. But if no Super Slim . I cant even lose one pound.

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