Super Slim Pomegranate 3 Boxes

Super Slim Pomegranate 3 Boxes
Super Slim Pomegranate 3 Boxes

Price:   $45.90

100% Natural Slimming Products For You!
Unique Formula with Pure Ingredients!
Work Continuously To Burn Fat and Remove Toxin!
High Quality, Wholesale Price, Free Shipping!
By promoting the body’s metabolism and curbing the appetite, Super Slim Pomegranate is able to reduce the calorie intake and increase the calorie consumption. As a result, the fat stored in body parts like hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen will be fully burned and convert into energy. Being well-received in the market for many years, we’ll continue our efforts to provide you high quality products at a competitive price.

Main Ingredient:
Pomegranate, Koncing Nut, Apple, Kiwi, Glucomannan (extract of Amorphallus Konjac and Jerusalem Artichoke), Sweet Potato Cellulose, and HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA, extract of Garcinia Cmabogia)

Specification: 350mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Dosage&Usage: 1 time/day, 1 capsule/time (before breakfast with 350~500cc water), 3 box continuously, then stop gradually in 1-2months after reaching the proper weight, take 1 capsule each 2 or 3 days to keep the effect constant.
Precaution: Not suitable for the morbidly obese, children, pregnant, diabetics, and people with heart conditions and taking other medicines
Executive producer: Guangzhou YongFang Heath Care Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

by Pamela Mason
Super slim pomegranate is very effective, i tried a lot of diet pills but none could match this pill in terms of weight loss. i have lost totally 13 kilos in about 3 months, it really causes thirst and i had also experienced constipation in the first 2 weeks, i drank more water and constipation was disappeared

by Leticia Davis
I started taking super slim caps a month ago and today i am extremely happy that i have lost 14 lbs, this is really a lot for me, i gained a lot of compliments for my changes lol, I have introduced it to my friends and we are planning to order more together soon, Thank you for your good service

by Laverne Hogan
Amazing! I love it as it help greatly, i have lost 6kgs, i expected to lose 8 or more so i will order again soon lol

by Janis Rogers
I’ve been taking these pills for 10 days now and i have lost 2.5kgs so i think they are working, just hope they will continue to work till i get rid of 15kgs

by Edna Conner
i just ordered meiztang..hopefully it works ill let you know

by Caroline Ramsey
I am taking the super slim pills for a while and i always feel full all the day even i don’t eat much, this is absolutely amazing! I love it!

by Anne Stephens
I have lost 16 lbs with no diet or any exercise, super slim pomegranate pills are really amazing, except dry mouth, i have no side effect so far

by Billie Stephens
They are amazing! My weight has dropped from 79kg to 73kgs in a month, i recommend it, good luck :)

by Marion Beck
The product is amazing, i’ve taken them for a month and the weight is @ 126 from 140! Thank u so much for real and effective product

by Lucy Austin
Hey, i have just finished a pack of super slim and back to update my progress! I only reduced 2 lbs in the first week but at the 2nd and 3rd week, i lost 4! and 4rd week, i lost another 5 by doing a bit exercise together, wow, i am very very satisfied with the results :))

by Roxanne Carlson
I have been taking them for 10 days and i feel good with little appetite but no hungry, the weight scale showed my weight has dropped 4 lbs but i will give it more time to see

by Felicia Gilbert
I got the product! Thanks for quick delivery, i will update my results

by Luz Salazar
They are working, i have no desire for any sweet drinks fatty or sweet foods at all! i eat much less but i have so much energy wow, i love it and strongly recommend this super slim pomegranate

by Alicia Cummings
I take one super slim pomegranate per day, and insist exercise, my weight now is 65kg from 70kgs and i am very glad so far

by Latoya Lane
It works fantastic, i have lost 4 stones and i am a totally new person lol, i am now more beautiful and confident lol

by Luz Hernandez
I love them, before kids i weighted 105 but 40 extra was gained during pregnancy, now i’m losing weight like i have wanted to and i have dropped 20 lbs

by Vera Bridges
Thanks for your quick delivery, the pills are got, i am excited to start it, i will finish one pack and let you know the results, wish me good luck :)

by Diana Wilkerson
The parcel is got today, thanks for quick delivery

by Jean Pierce
Losing 24lbs in 2 and half month is a great work, thanks for your good product

by Elizabeth Tucker
The super slim pills greatly cut my appetite and i drank lots of water approx 3 litres a day, so far so good with 10 lbs gone :)

by Lucia Owen
A friend reduced a lot by taking super slim pomegranate and wow, she is gorgeous! I am so excited to know the product that can help reduce weight quickly, just got my parcel today and everything is great, thank you!

by Amelia Quinn
I’ve experienced really good result from this product expect I need to drink water and drink water and drink water…

by Cecelia Dawson
I recommend Super Slim Pomegranate! I tried the pills and lost 30 pounds in 2 months, amazing pills

by Little Paris
I wasn’t over-eating any more so I believe it start working for me, I normally drink a lot of water and take a banana every morning to make sure I can have normal bowel movement, I hope the effect can be faster

by Johnson Lisa
I appreciate your fast delivery! I took one at afternoon and felt thirsty since then…I take a lot of water and ate very little at night, I think they are working, so far so good and i will give it more time

by Herman Casey
everything is good, I have reduced 7 pounds so far, very great diet product,

by Basilio Joseph
I have taken super slim pomegranate before and lost a lot, I wanted to take the pills again but I was no longer to find it at pharmacy or beauty shop… I am very happy to get it now, thank you, day 3 and appetite is controlled

by Solomon Praveen
I had a total of about 30lbs to lose 1 months ago but now it is almost half done, yea, super slim pomegrante works great! I am having a good experience so far and would like to recommend it to all who want to lose in a faster way.

by Clark Lyon
This is the 2nd time to order super slim pomegranate, thanks for your good services, the weight is dropping, i don’t wanna to tell my family that I am using diet pills but this one is truly wonderful

by Phillips Kevin
it worked for a friend and she told me about this, I am on it for 2 weeks so far and the effect is great, I have little appetite and have no hungry at all, the clothes are loose and 6pounds is gone, lol

by Oguin Jared
SUPER SLIM is really wonderful, it works amazingly, I have lost 20lbs about 2 mos, this is really a big change for me, I have a lot of compliments about my new figure and I am very glad to tell them that superslim is the helper :)

by Venugopal Mike
I have been able to lose weight since I started taking super slim pomegranate two vks ago, I can have much less but won’t starve, they do make dry mouth so I take tons of water everyday, I also work out at a gym twice a week, so far 3kg is gone! So amazing!

by Blakeney Stephen
a friend of mine is a fun of Super Slim pomegranate, she has lost a lot weight with it and she is completely new now, I’m actually not fat but I still wanted to lose a couple of extra pounds, this product worked really good on me, I really appreciate it and like to recommend it to you all

by Cook Nikki
super slim really works, I think they’re worth a shot, I wish you good luck :D, besides, I also would like to remind you all to take a health diet to maintain the result after getting the desired weight you want

by Hadden Tony
I received my pills today, thank you! I can’t wait to reduce my weight, some of my friends have had very good experience so I hope I can also got good results with this stuff, fingers crossed

by Logan Jeff
Great product! eating a lot and not exercising cause my weight climbed from 120 to 156 but now I have dropped to 145 in a month with SUPER SLIM pills! They do great to cut the cravings

by Harayda Jeff
This is my 3 week and I’ve lost 9 lbs, I’m very satisfied

by Knight Patrick
It is good stuff, I’ve overweight due to emotionally eating, but now with super slim pomegranate, I can ignore snack when going to the supermarket….

by Linda Phillips
I’m not too fat, 135 at 5'1, but I think I will looks better if I am 110 or 115, the weight dropped 3lbs but I’m not sure it is weight of fat or not, I will insist for more time and keep updating

by Kristin Jordan
I was at size 20 and now about size 14! I never lose weight so quickly, thank you!

by April Soto
I took a fancy to a beautiful dress and I almost will be in it very soon! Thanks for lida!!! I started using them June and I’ve lost 18 pounds so far!

by janai Lubrano
I look better especially in my waist area and I am full-figured (size 18/20) but i can still tell how I am losing fat/weight.

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