Super Slim Pomegranate 30 Boxes

Super Slim Pomegranate 30 Boxes
Super Slim Pomegranate 30 Boxes

Price:   $309.90

100% Natural Slimming Products For You!
Unique Formula with Pure Ingredients!
Work Continuously To Burn Fat and Remove Toxin!
High Quality, Wholesale Price, Free Shipping!
You might never think that some fruits and vegetables can be ingredients of slimming products as well. Take pomegranate for example, as the main ingredient of Super Slim, it contains a lot of fruit gel, fruit fiber, vitamin, and mineral elements. Besides, it is one of the strongest antioxidant found in nature. It can repair free radical damage that may lead to premature aging.

Main Ingredient:
Pomegranate, Koncing Nut, Apple, Kiwi, Glucomannan (extract of Amorphallus Konjac and Jerusalem Artichoke), Sweet Potato Cellulose, and HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA, extract of Garcinia Cmabogia)

Specification: 350mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Dosage&Usage: 1 time/day, 1 capsule/time (before breakfast with 350~500cc water), 3 box continuously, then stop gradually in 1-2months after reaching the proper weight, take 1 capsule each 2 or 3 days to keep the effect constant.
Precaution: Not suitable for the morbidly obese, children, pregnant, diabetics, and people with heart conditions and taking other medicines
Executive producer: Guangzhou YongFang Heath Care Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

by Dora Patlan
FINALLY. An all natural diet pill that actually works. I was so sick of paying money for junk that did not work.. Love the super slim ! I truly lost 15 pounds using this product! I have managed to keep it off now on a maintenance plan which definitely includes my XXX!

by Kathy Judge
I am now 201lbs and can't wait to check my weight this week. My goal is to break 200 lbs, taking the super slim twice a day has helped me lose about 2 lbs. a week. And I feel healthier. It is not quick and you need to give it time. Give it a shot and you will smile.

by Varti Lima
Although I have not weighed myself I know I am losing weight because I have seen a big difference in the way my clothes are fitting. I have not experienced any bad aftertaste or side effects. I do recommend this product.

by Charity Santana
I have been on and off different diets and pills for many years and nothing ever seems to work for me. And I have been doing it slow steady and with a total lifestyle change. I have lost nearly 10lbs since I started the course and I haven't even really got my exercise routine going yet!

by Jazmin PAZMINO
it does as it advertised, I’m still in the beginning stage, Cannot tell you how much better. I couldn't walk for the last two years, I’m sure this will be a keeper for me.......

by Noel Pham
I have lost 10 pounds in 18 days. Works great. I wasn't unsure at first whether or not to purchase this item but I am glad I did. they seem to have helped especially with going beyond the inevitable plateau. The product works for me as advertised along with sensible eating.

by debbie Reyes
I have been taking POMEGRANATE for almost a month. I noticed a difference in 3 days of taking the supplement. The fact that it's natural is what drew me to it in the first place. It's worth trying to see if it works for you!

by Joye CARTER
I have been using these super slim for a month now and I can really feel and see the difference in my weight loss. I take one in the AM on an empty stomach. It is a great weight loss supplements for me even a women over 50.

by Monica flores
These worked but I am not taking diet supplements any longer. Price was reasonable and supply as sample. Good product. Would buy again.

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